TagAlong Puppies

TagAlong's most recent litter was produced early in 2015.  Presently, no litters are planned, and we are busy training and competing in all the dog sports we so dearly love: agility, water, obeidence, rally and conformation. We hope to do some tracking too in the near future.  The goal of each litter is to produce some special dogs through the combination of the selected pedigrees bred  while also maintaining health, conformation and working drive. We value homes that have the time to train and work with their new companion.  This is a smart and intelligent breed that can be very active and demand its way.  So the breed requires leadership, structured training, and management along with puppy love and lots of socialization.  


TagAlong's  litter between SavoyCH TagAlong's High Tea for Two CD RA AX AXJ NF CGC WWD SROM and MidasBISS GCH Saltyseas Golden Touch Of Coldiron CGC owned by Janet and Jamie Lankester are growing up and turned a year old on January 4, 2016.  Midas is a good natured athletic and handsome Irish marked PWD with a pedigree that compliments Savoy who is a smart and loyal working girl.  Both Savoy and Midas love to go on walks with their favorite people. Savoy enjoys agility and training in obedience and rally too.  They both have numerous special dogs in their pedigree including National Specialty and Award of Merit (AOM) winners; as well as, companion event working dogs. Savoy is also the producer of a PWDCA 2014 National Specialty AOM winner.


Savoy and Midas are wavy Irish marked Portuguese Water Dogs, and they both have curly dogs in their pedigree.  Both have produced a mix of curly and wavy puppies ranging from almost  pure black to Irish marked in their litters. Pedigree and health information are provided below. Presently no additional litters are available; however if you have interest in speaking about Portuguese Water Dogs please  contact TagAlong PWD and complete the questionnaire. When speaking to breeders be prepared to answer questions regarding your interest. This is a fabulous breed that is intelligent and possesses great working drive demanding leadership, training and time from owners. It is not a breed recommended for a first time or inexperienced dog owner.   

Savoy and Midas Puppy Antonio "Tonio" 7 weeks old

Health and vertical pedigree informaiton for the sire Midas and dam Savoy are available by clicking on the following links:


Sire Midas Saltyseas Golden Touch of Coldiron

Dam Savoy TagAlong's High Tea for Two 

2015 Litter Sire Pedigree

Pedigree of Sire Saltyseas Golden Touch of Coldiron

2015 Litter Dam Pedigree

Pedigree of Dam TagAlong's High Tea for Two
Litter Certificate

Pictures of 2015 Litter Sire's Sire and Dam and Dam's Sire and Dam