TagAlong PWD: About Us

TagAlong PWD is located in the  DC metropolitan area and will only breed on occasion.  We  are active and participate as members  in a number of dog clubs and their events including regional Portuguese Water Dog Clubs (Delmarva), Capital Dog Training Club, National Capital Kennel Club, Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, Canine Training Association and the MidAtlantic Stewards Association. All TagAlong PWD puppies  will be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) under full or limited registration.   

The American Kennel Club  recognized Benita Bottom-Svitchan and TagAlong PWD as a Breeder of Merit in August 2011. TagAlong PWD will continue to be strong supporters of the policy and procedures of the AKC and strive to produce healthy dogs with the conformation and spirit of the working Portuguese Water Dog. We encourage our new owners to participate in PWD water work, AKC companion, performance and conformation events to build lifelong friendships and a strong bond with their working Portuguese Water Dog in the sport of pure bred dogs.

"Siena",  CH Aviator's Peanut Gallery CD, RA, OA, NAJ, CWD, SROM, CGC,  and her daughter "Savoy", CH TagAlong's High Tea for Two CD, RA, AX, AXJ, NF, CGC, WWD, SROM  and son "Sabato", CH TagAlong's Roman Holiday BN, CD, RE, AWD, CGC are always eager to go for a walk or jog. They also love water and retrieving in the ocean, lakes,ponds and of course swimming pools too. Once they finish their work and play they do have their special household spots like the kitchen or family room to just hang out. PWDs are great companions too.  Of course there are times when they must be left alone  unsupervised and this is why crate training is highly recommended for young dogs and certainly for puppies left alone.  A crate is a very safe place  for a PWD to be as they learn household rules.   
Training, discipline and socilization are a must for having a well behaved Portuguese Water Dog. They are an active and intelligent breed who needs both social and mental stimulation and exercise.  Siena"  has her favorite places and people and she loved training as a puppy at Olde Towne School for Dogs in Alexandria, VA where she got a great start in life attending their two week daily puppy class and having lessons for her and her owner handler "me".  We also highly recommend that all pups have a  pet care professional to take care of them  when their people are away.  TagAlong PWD requests that all of our puppies take their owners to school and complete a puppy school and Basic Obedience class to make sure their new owners are trained well to take care of them.   Puppy owners are also encouraged to participate in the AKC Puppy S.T.A.R. Program and we will gladly help you find a pet trainer and school for you and your new puppy.
We look forward to meeting you and talking more about what it is like to live with a PWD. 
Happy Tails,
Please note that views expressed on this Web site are from TagAlong PWD, and do not represent the views of the PWDCA, Inc.